Monday, May 21, 2012

Late update & whats to come.

First off, I just want to apologize for updating my blog so late. I've been very busy with school, cleaning, & prepping for before surgery. But, now it's late at night & i am free. :)

Last Thursday (May 10) was my pre-op appointment with my surgeon. This appointment seemed to be pretty simple & to the point. My surgeon (DR Poor, amazing surgeon!) is going to pull my top jaw forward half way, by bottom jaw half way (no exact measurements) ANDDD... They're going to do my chin! Why, you may ask? Because Dr. Poor said that if they don't do my chin, it may look a bit disproportional. He also informed me that this whole surgery may help me a lot with my breathing, headaches, tension in my face, & locking in my jaw. This is all so worth it. :)

After the appointment with Dr. Poor, I went out to lunch with my parents at this amazing pizza place that I forgot the name of. :/ All I know is that it was the BEST. PIZZA. EVER. :)
After the pizza, we still had some extra time before the two hour pre-op class, so we just went on a walk. :) When we came back to the hospital for the class, we went into a conference room along with 6 other people. Some were getting only top or only bottom, & only ONE was getting the same exact as me :o The nice lady giving hosting the class happened to answer many common questions, so here are some that I found very helpful:

What are some symptoms of an infection?
Symptoms of an infection may include excessive puffing of the cheeks (not swelling, it will be much different), foul tastes in your mouth (such as puss drainage, you should know if it's an infection or not), and a fever over 101.5.

How long will i feel numbness?
Numbness can last from 2.5 - 3 months, up to a full year. Don't worry, this is normal.

How do i brush my teeth?
Using a CHILD SIZE tooth brush. The small head of it will fit much better in your swollen cheeks than a regular size toothbrush will. No water piks, & NO toothpaste. Brush with an alcohol free mouthwash 3 - 4 times a day.

What about if I have to cough, sneeze or yawn?
If you have to cough, you cant really stop it. So cough, but try to hold it in a bit without clenching your jaw. To sneeze, try & sneeze out of your mouth. It will relieve a lot of pressure from your nose, & that's what you want. & to yawn, just try to hold your yawn like you do usually.

How much do I have to eat in a single day?
For women, it's suggested that you have 2000 calories in your system daily. For men, it's 2600 calories. You also need 100oz of liquids a day. So if you reach this amount, you should be good. But i'm sure if you feel the need to eat more, you should.

I'm an active person. Will this surgery affect my daily activities?
Yes. Yes it will. For the first 6 weeks (at least) you can't pick up anything over 5lbs because you may clench your jaw. Jaw clenching is a nono. It could mess up the way your jaw(s) heal, & may even end up making you have to get another surgery. No bike riding, no running, jumping, swimming, spinning. Nothing. Walking is okay though. You definitely DO NOT want to be a lazy couch potato.

So there's the main questions, along with their answers. Have anymore questions? Feel free to leave a comment below. :) 

To end things here, here's a picture of me & the wonderful lady who gave me all the information I know:

Wow, can you believe.. Four more days left! eek, i'm so excited. :) Please keep me in your prayers, I know God will listen & help with this surgery because that's how awesome he is!



  1. Hi Kay,
    Just a little note to say good luck! You're an incredibly brave young woman and I hope your surgery goes well and that you're recovery is quick.
    Much love and well wishes sent your way!

    1. Hey Natasha, thank you so much! I will try my best to update this blog everyday and talk about what I eat, my pain level & my day. As what I can do. Again, thank you.:)