Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Today at the dentist..

Well, to be technical, My dentist appointment was YESTERDAY (May 1). But this is close enough.. right? Hah. I was really busy with school, so I couldn't post. But i'm here now! :)

Anyways, so the dentist. I was originally supposed to go on May 8th, but my pre-op consultation is on May 10th and I need to take my teeth molds with me, so we just made an earlier date. I ended up being a half an hour early, so I got taken in early. Whoot whoot! I walked in the back, took a seat; my dentists assistant unwired my braces, then took x-rays of my teeth. My mouth is very crooked actually, now that I think about it. I had to bite down on a stick, but I couldn't even do that without my head tilting! After my awkward uneven x-rays, we made the molds. Oh boy, I think that's the one thing I really hate doing at the dentist, other than the fluoride.

Then last but not least, I got my wire got put back in & tied up. So much for relief on my teeth. :( hah. I got figure 8s, as my dentist calls them. Here's what my braces & my bite look like:
See what I mean about it being crooked? Try eating with that.. & this is a straight view! If you notice also on my front teeth, I have little ridges on them. This is because my front teeth have never touched, so they've never been able to grind down. I hate the feeling of them. :( But i'll get them fixed after surgery.

My molds got sent to my surgeon, so he can do a practice surgery. Now I don't have to worry about taking them there. All I have to do is go to the meeting. I'll be sure to tell you all how that goes. 

Other than what I've told you now, that's all that really happened at the dentist. I tend to have very quick, straight forward appointments. They're not too interesting. Well, if you consider my dentist accidentally punching me in the face while trying to get my wire put in interesting. I forgive you. :)

Here's a profile picture of me to end this blog:
Does anyone have any questions? I'd be glad to answer them. :) 
(Sorry if this post is a bit blan, it's 11pm and I'm a bit tired.. Hah.)

Until my next post,


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