Wednesday, May 9, 2012

X-rays & vlog

Guess who finally took their x-rays?:) I remember always looking at other blogs & wondering why everyone else was getting their x-rays before me, but I got them!:) I got a referral from my surgeon in the mail to get them in a different building a few cities away, so my mom & i went there, got my x-rays done, then went to lunch & did a few errands. 

Here's some pictures of my bite:

This is so trippy! I mean, I've always known that I've had a pretty big underbite. But seeing it like this.. Wow. It's amazing, the technology we have now!

Oh, but before I forget. I did want to make a vlog of my surgical hooks, because there are many different forms of these & it's a bit hard to describe how they really are through typing. So here you go!

After much tinkering with the camera, I got my video to work :D Sorry for the awkward face on the beginning & end of the video :P I'll more than likely make another vlog tomorrow. :) See you all then!
(UPDATE: okay, so the video may or may not work. I tried it once & it worked, but when I tried again it didn't. Please let me know if it worked or not. Thank you!)


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