Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm a horrible blogger..

I feel HORRIBLE.. Why? Because I haven't updated you guys since surgery! I feel so bad, I'm super sorry ): I'll tell you guys all about the first week now though! I wrote in a journal how i was feeling, so i'll use that as a reference ;)

First, let me tell you about before surgery. My arrival time was 8:00am. Now my hospital was quite a few cities away (about 2 hours), So we decided to leave early so we could stop by my moms work on the way there so she could get some stuff. By the time we did that & found parking at the hospital, it was only 7:30am, so we had to wait -_-  So we did. But we had to wait quite a while after we entered! Finally a nurse put me into a waiting room with my parents, where we had to do a bit more waiting. When the nurse came back, she gave me a plastic-type gown. It was paper on the outside, but plastic on the inside. It's cool actually, because in winter it can be heated to keep you cozy c: Then another nurse came in & gave me an IV in my hand. Granted that I hadn't eaten or drank anything since midnight the night before I fainted. Like jello. After that incident, i had to take a few meds that the nurses gave me, including a nasal spray, & soon enough I got wheeled into the surgery room! I'm quite surprised actually, because I watch A LOT of scary movies, some that include surgery rooms. & i didn't get scared c:

Now for after surgery. Alls i can say was I WAS A BALLOON. My face was puffy & i was in a lot of discomfort :c I mean, I had a massive underbite. They moved my top jaw forward 5mm, & my bottom jaw back 7mm. At the hospital, they gave me a purified air mask thing along with ice packs tied to my face. The ice is for the swelling, & the air mask was to I could breathe better. Since i'm a minor, I got put into the pediatric ward. My room mates consisted of a 12-ish year old girl who had to get an appendicitis, & a toddler (I'd say only about a year or two) who had a rash caused by who knows what. I felt bad for both of them, they were a lot younger than me & having to see specialists. ): 

After being released home, the first 5 days were pretty similar. I was in a whole lot of pain. Well, i wouldn't say pain. Most of what I wrote was i was in a pain 4 level, which isn't too bad. It's like a pokerface. The first three days were difficult. I wasn't very hungry. But when I did eat, i ate with a syringe. It was a bit challenging. I couldn't feel my face at all, so my food would drip & i wouldn't feel it. (I'm at 11 days post op & I still can't completely feel it) At day 5, that was the peak of my swelling. I felt super tight in the face, & I felt like my face was going to explode. It didn't luckily, & right after that it seemed like my swelling decided to go down A LOT. I stopped taking all my pain meds altogether. since then, i havent been feeling much pain. Honestly, i've been feeling fine lately, so i'm not too sure what to write about! So if anyone has any questions, please ask! I'm not too sure what to write about! I want to help any of you who may be getting this surgery done or anyone who is thinking about getting it done. :)

Now, what fun is there on reading a blog & no pictures? Well I took a few, so here's some updates :)

Here's the day of surgery after it was done. The scar on my lip was an accident, but it's gone now :)

Here's me & my handsome brother in our back yard with one of our dogs. He was making me laugh this day, & it hurt so much. But it also made me very happy. (5 days post op)

This was taken yesterday (11 days post op) I went to hang out with my Dad, Oma & Opa after this one was taken.

Suprisingly after surgery & to this day, I didnt bruise or get a black eye or anything. All that happened was swelling, thats it! God has blessed me so much through this journey so far, & i know he will during the rest & beyond it! Thank you, God!<3 

Tomorrow is the day I get unwired! I need to get up to get to the hospital at 8:30am & i should be unwired by 9:30am! I'll post about that tomorrow, plus i'll post up my before & after xrays!



  1. Aaaaaaah! Kay, you look amazing! :-D I cant believe how well you look. I'm so glad your surgery went well and that you are recovering so quickly.
    I do have a few questions for you;
    1) Did having the IV in hurt? I've never had anything like that done before I'm a big wimp and I'm rubbish at giving blood I always faint.
    2) Did you feel sick after surgery when you were coming round and was there a lot of blood in your mouth?
    3) What are you eating to make you recover so quickly!?

    I hope your un-wiring goes well and I cant wait to see how you will look once the swelling has gone down a bit more our movement measurements are similar - My surgeon is looking to move my top jaw 2-3mm and bottom 7-8mm plus shave 2mm off my chin point. It will be interesting for me to see your final outcome, it might give me a rough idea of what to expect.
    Much well wishes and happiness sent your way!

  2. oh my gosh you look amazing already! your results are going to be so so beautiful:) I can't wait to follow your recovery and see the swelling go down!
    I can't believe how much they moved your jaws! Thats so much but I suppose thats why you can see such a huge difference:)
    I'm glad you didn' have too much pain, I hope everything continues to go great and that you recover really fast! Keep updating xx