Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Post 19 days & everything in the middle

Getting inpatient with me yet? I hope not! I don't get on the computer much, so i'm sorry about all of my late updates. I'll try to post more, even if they're small posts. 

On June 6th (12 days post op) I got my wires cut off, & boy did it feel great! I had to be at  the hospital at 8:30am, & the assistant lady cut them. It didn't hurt, but i did feel the pressure. It wasn't too strong. I felt like my jaw was going to drop, so I kept my hand under my chin. It doesn't drop, but the reassurance comforted me. Then I got to brush my teeth with tooth paste (I had to wash with only mouth wash before that), & my doctor came to see me. He said I was heeling good, & gave me my elastics. I only use two, & this feels so much better than the wire did!

(If you can see the elastic, it's kind of at the tip of my finger. I have another one at the other side of my mouth)

That first day, they told me I could eat anything that I could cut with a fork. My wonderful mom made me eggs & churizo to try to eat, but it was a bit too much. I stuck with soups & stuff like that for the next couple of days. On the 15 day post op, i decided to try some chicken while at my brothers going away party. He left to do his basic training in the U.S.A.N.G. I miss him a lot ): But before i change the subject, I had the chicken. All i had to do was rip it into small, swallow sized bits & i could eat it! It was delicious! A bit of advise: If you want to start eating soon after you get unwired, be sure to work out your jaw simply by opening & closing your mouth. I would get a mirror & do this. It felt a bit weird at first because i couldn't feel my teeth, but i felt a bit of discomfort when my teeth did touch together. Don't worry, this feeling will go away & your jaw will start to feel normal. 

I got a few questions from one of my lovely followers that i'm very happy to answer!

Did having the IV in hurt?
It didn't hurt, it was just a small pinch & i'm a wimp when it comes to needles lol. the needle they used for me pinched my skin , but the actual needle its self was pulled out & a flexable one was left in, so i didn't feel it c: I will admit though, I did faint because I had nothing to eat the night before. That was scary, but i laugh now that it's over with.

Did you feel sick after surgery when you were coming round and was there a lot of blood in your mouth?
When I was in the ICU, I don't remember feeling too sick. When I got to the hospital room i did feel a bit sick though. I was nauseous & very light headed. I was on morphine in the hospital though, so that made me feel a bit better. Before i left, the nurse gave me some medicine for nausea for the ride home. When i got home, i only had to use that medicine once. I didn't have any blood on my mouth (Well, none that I can recall) I did have a bloody nose in the hospital though.

What are you eating to make you recover so quickly?
I'm not sure it's what i'm eating, but the fact that i'm young & my body recovers quicker. But when I was wired, i ate some of my mom's home made chicken broth, & A LOT of protein shakes/ smoothies. (I didnt like the ensures, so i usually got the vanilla Kellogs Special K protein shakes & mixed it with fruit or Coffee ice cream c: ) Now that i'm unwired, i'm eating soft foods that i can chew or anything i can swallow whole. Yesterday I had an In & Out burger with Animal style fries!

Thank you for asking questions! Feel free to, i enjoy answering them! :) If there's anymore questions out there, don't be shy, ask. c:

Before i forget, here's my before & after x rays: 
Side view:

& panoramic view:
It's crazy right, the technology we have nowadays to where we can see all of this? :) I love my new bite<3.

& now to finish todays blog, my 19 days post op smile
& a poker face

As you can see, most of my swelling has gone down. I'm quite surprised myself that it's gone down so much! Thank you to all of those who have been praying for me! 


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  1. Hi Kay, Just thought I'd see how you are getting on since your last post. Hope you're well!